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Sportsmanship: Go Viral With It!



As adult role models, we want our young athletes to learn about sportsmanship, overcome adversity, and achieve emotional growth—but are we teaching them the right lessons?

#SPORTSMANSHIP: Go Viral With it! is a valuable resource for anyone interested in helping to stamp out unsportsmanlike behavior, encourage youth leadership, and foster an environment where positivity can thrive.


With entertaining anecdotes, important insight, expert advice, and real-world solutions for becoming an agent of change, this book will help any parent, coach, or role model demonstrate and encourage humility and good sportsmanship—both on and off the field.

Praise For #Sportsmanship

“#SPORTSMANSHIP: Go Viral With It! is an educational and fun read for any parent, fan, coach, or teacher involved in youth athletics. Jeff’s unique perspective from his 15-year career as an official includes many great stories for all of us to absorb and apply as we watch our kids play. 


The first lesson we learned in our early days of youth sports was that after each game, we had to “go shake their hands and tell them good game.” It all started when we were young, and it is still a great piece of advice today. Thanks, Jeff, for the insight and reminder of why we need to take this message ‘viral.’” 

Bill Severns, former professional baseball player and author of Keepers of the Sandlot

“Sports is life with the volume turned up. Sports rely on the men, women, and young people who serve as the officials to ensure the games we play are safe and fair and have outcomes we can believe in. A lack of sportsmanship by coaches and fans, especially at the youth level, is the #1 reason why officials quit. This book shows a way forward, a way that enables us to enjoy athletic competition, play them by the rules, and show commitment to competing in an honorable way.”

Barry Mano, President, National Association of Sports Officials

“In #Sportsmanship—Go Viral With It!, veteran official and author Jeff Eckert shares his personal experience with stories from various levels that depict insightful and often comical narratives about sportsmanship challenges. The game-time scenarios add perspective to the educational value of the book and engage the reader with each story by providing a road map for athletes, coaches, parents, fans, and officials. The KSHSAA hopes all readers will find connection points from these stories and better understand that appropriate sportsmanship #StartsWithMe.” 

Bill Faflick, Executive Director, Kansas State High School Activities Association

Adult mentoring child

Be a Mentor, not a "Wreck it Ralph"!

Team having fun

To them, it’s all about fun with friends! 

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