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Two Books That Can Change Youth Sports Culture

These two books can show parents, fans and kids how they can model great behavior, create positive change, and transform amateur sports culture

Cheering in a positive manner
Family with happy athlete

It’s all over the headlines and social media feeds. It’s in our schools and our families. We parents may even be responsible for it ourselves. We’re talking about bad sportsmanship—and a single case is contagious enough to spread through a stadium in seconds.


With 18 years of experience officiating over 5,000 different games, from youth tournaments to varsity high school championships, author and veteran referee Jeff Eckert has seen it all.


#SPORTSMANSHIP: Go Viral With It! will make you laugh, cringe, and even cheer . . . and it will reveal the harmful effects of bad sportsmanship and the lingering consequences that reach far past a single game or season.

GAMEDAY! Winning With Sportsmanship: The Gary GoodSport Story will teach our impressionable youth athletes how to trust the process, overcome adversity, and lead and win by exhibiting great sportsmanship.


But can we really change the culture of amateur sports into a positive environment where our children can thrive? Yes—and that change starts with you.


In #Sportsmanship, you will learn:

  • Why 7 out of 10 children end up quitting the sports they love before high school

  • The surprising ways we parents may be getting in our young athletes’ way

  • How to stamp out poor sportsmanship before it can go viral

  • How to set a great example by being the best version of yourself

  • The single most important “car ride home” conversation you can have with your child


In GAMEDAY! Gary is playing for the championship against the dreaded Green Dragons, a team that plays rough and with poor sportsmanship. Gary (and your child) will learn to trust the process, overcome adversity, and use his/her superpower to not only play at a high level, but covert others to the side of good sportsmanship while doing so.  There is a short message for parents in this book as well that hopefully will resonate and lead them to "Raise Athletes Right". 

Coach instructing player

Let the Coaches Coach

Hitting a baseball
Shooting a free throw

Release them to the Game

Hit or Miss - Praise the Effort

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